Summer Meadow

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Experiment with colours and brush marks and create this bright, eye-catching summer meadow painting. Using a combination of techniques including sponging, printing with cardboard, and lots of lovely splatting, we will show you how to create this flamboyant artwork which would look amazing on any wall! Materials needed are ready mix/acrylic paints in a variety of colours. A small sponge (we just use a kitchen sponge, cut into quarters), cardboard pieces approximately 3cmx10cm, a small pot of water for splatting, a paintbrush, art paper or to make it more fabulous a canvas 😉. Please note this can be quite a messy painting so you may need a table covering or if you really wanted to express yourself you could finish it off in the garden. Most of all just play with colours and have fun – you are guaranteed to get amazing results whatever you do!

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