Covid Guidelines

Covid Control Measures - Please ensure all parents and carers read fully before attending a workshop.

Drop off/ Pick up

1. ArtBase staff will sign children in and out on the parent/carer’s behalf and will be wearing masks or visors. Where additional forms are required to be filled in, parents will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided on our front desk.
2. If possible, one person only to collect.

Daily Workshops

1.Only children and staff allowed into buildings.
2. Children to sanitise their hands on entering the workshop.
3. ArtBase staff members will ensure that surfaces and touch points are regularly disinfected. Children will be expected to wash their hands more often, and hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the day.
4. Limit sharing of equipment, and when this isn’t possible, equipment is fully sanitised in between uses e.g. paintbrushes.
5. Minimise use of aprons and children are encouraged to bring in their own painting aprons/shirt or wear old clothes.
6. Windows to be opened to enable circulation of fresh air when occupied.
7. If a child coughs or sneezes in to their hands during an activity remind them to go and wash hands.
8. When administering first aid, staff members are to use mask, visor and gloves. Contact time kept to a minimum where possible. Staff member to wash hands after administering first aid. Safety of children is prioritised and delivery of first aid to be kept in line with standard first aid procedures.
9. Any child who becomes ill with symptoms which could be Covid-19 during the day, they will be taken to a separate area and isolated away from other children. The parent/guardian will be called to come and collect immediately.
10. Any staff member dealing with an individual showing symptoms must wear appropriate ppe, keep as much distance as possible and limit time of exposure. Any staff member must wash hands after contact with an individual showing symptoms or anything they have been in contact with.
11.If children or any close family member experience any symptoms of Covid-19 they must not attend until all symptoms have passed and they feel well or they have a negative PCR test result