Sleeping sloth!

A fun piece of artwork to help you develop your skills in painting fur and creating form. Embellish with oil … Read More

Tulip in pencil

Using different tones create form and shape to produce this detailed study of the tulip. Materials needed are: A4 cartridge … Read More

Watercolour goldfish

A great chance to loosen up with your watercolour skills and apply different tones to create this pretty little goldfish. … Read More

Dragon in watercolour

Create this vibrant dragon in watercolour by layering and blending your colours. Embellish with finishing detail in pencil. Materials needed … Read More

Eye study

Learn how to paint the eye in close-up. Capture light, form and detail with careful layering of tones and brush … Read More

Cute piglet!

A cute little painting to enjoy! Using a very simple palette, practice blending your shades to create light and dark … Read More